Meet Jeff Herman and His Career

A volley ball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard, who plays for the team USA together with Corey Fieldman an actor, are both in collaboration to fight for the passing of the Child Victim Act in the Senate. In this fight, they have gained supporters who are focused on achieving that goal during this legislative session. Corey hopes that by the endorsement of the bill, those trying to keep off the floor of the Senate will be put on toes. This will also create attention to the New York Legislation.
D-Manhattan and Brad Holy man are the key sponsors of the bill. The passing of the bill would come with its own advantages like elimination of both the criminal and civil statues of limitations when it comes to cases involving child sexual harassment cases in New York.

Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer and an advocate for survivors of sexual exploitation, rape and any other kind of sexual abuse. He is very skilled, aggressive and passionate in his job. Throughout his career, he has represented 1000 children, women and even men. In the past 20 years, Jeff Herman has gained a wide experience in his career making him one of the best attorneys dealing with childhood sexual abuse. Many of his clients consider Jeff as their champion due to his tireless efforts in pursuit of their rights. He is the founder and plays the role of a managing partner of Herman Law.

Jeff Herman has featured severally on headlines exposing institutions that protect sexual predators and also the predators themselves. He has also featured in several magazines including Forbes, New York, USA Today, The New York Time and The People. Jeff Herman also contributes to The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, MSNBC. He is a practicing Jew when it comes to religion, and also a committed family man with four children.

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