Mike Baur’s Expert Tips for Success

Mike Baur has said that many people have good business ideas but they simply do not follow through on them. He thinks that many people do not know how easy it is to start testing out their new idea. Communication is so easy and cheap online. There is so much power that we have today that we did not have twenty years ago. You can use social media to start building up an online community. With a little advertising, you can grow your Facebook or Instagram page tremendously. There is no limit to how much exposure you can get online through implementing the proper search engine optimization techniques for your new website.


Mike Baur, the founder of the startup accelerator company the Swiss Startup Factory, was asked what qualities people need in order to succeed in the business world. He replied that there are five tips that you need to have. The first tip is trust. You need to be able to build trust. If your customers are not able to trust you, why would they buy a product from you and give you their money? There are are many ways to build up trust. You can do that by always providing a high quality service and high quality products. You can build trust with your customers by having a well trained customer service team that really does care about its customers and tries to make them as happy as possible. Another thing that you can do to build trust is becoming an authority online by building up your blog and your social media accounts with high quality and informative content. Another way to build trust is by giving customers a free trial of your service so that they can see for themselves what a great service you offer.


Another thing that you need to be successful is that you should never be afraid to fail, says Mike Baur. If you are afraid to fail, you will never start in the first place. You would rather stay in your little comfort zone and do the same old things you were doing before. Not only that but even if you do start, you will quit right away whenever you see the first obstacles towards reaching your goals. If you want to succeed, you need to understand that failure is just part of the process.