NewsWatch TV to Review Hot Selling Products

NewsWatch TV is a US TV series that was released in March 1990. As of May 2018, they have aired 1,262 episodes. Starring the hosts Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges, and co-host, Michelle Olsen. This 30 minute TV show runs on the AMC and ION Network.

NewsWatch TV has won several awards and recognitions. These include, a 2016 Silver Telly Award, the National 2017 Videographer Award for excellence in a 30-minute entertainment program, and was honored a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award.

The content of the show covers many aspects and subjects, including, new product releases, travel and tourism, fashion, health and medical breakthroughs, consumer and business issues, consumer electronics, and national public awareness campaigns. Hosts will occasionally hold interviews with well-known celebrities, with the subjects that pertain to them. Some celebrities that have been on NewsWatch TV include Carrie Underwood, Julianne Moore, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and many more.

One of the most recent high tech products that was discussed on NewWatch TV is a keyboard called Contour. This product was made for people who are looking for an alternate way to relieve hand and arm muscle pain, that standard keyboards give. It is also much easier to use the Contour keyboard since all the actions needed, such as a mouse, and other functions, are all placed where you set your hands. There are two sleek designs to choose from, they are both completely wireless and easily portable. They make the ultimate workstation, and NewsWatch TV helped with their Contour Campaign by reaching over 95 million households. The sales for Contour took a spike after their products were televised, and their online campaign had received 697,942 impressions online.