Norka Luque Makes a Big Splash in Latin Music

There is so denying talent when it comes to a person that has determination. This is the thing that has made Norka Luque such a powerful force in the industry. She is a singer that has grown up with a love for music, but she had to wait for her big break. She has done other things during her lifetime, but she has continued to dream big while she waited patiently. She doesn’t have to wait anymore. People are discovering her talent and the drive that she has with the help of producer Emilio Estefan.

Most people in America know of Emilio Estefan because of his famous wife, Gloria Estefan. He has been in the music business for many years, and he is putting Norka Luque in the spotlight as a powerful vocalist that has the ability to captivate Latin and American audiences. People that visit her website will find that the site is available in Spanish, but there is also an English translation for American fans that may not speak English. This is a sign that Norka Luque is passionate about a building a global presence, and she certainly has the right wing man in place to help her with this.

The possibilities are endless when one considers the power that Emilio Estefan has. She has seen more than 4 decades of music business where he produced things for his wife. This would turn into passion for Latin American music, and Norka would come into the picture as a starry-eyed singer that would give him a chance to produce again. The connection was magical, and the 2nd single “Milagro,” has been a sensational hit on urban and salsa charts around the world.

She is hard at work with an album on the way, but fans have the “Tomorrowland” single to quench their thirst for music until the album arrives. She has performed at the Billboards Bash, and there are a lot of other Latin artists that are recognizing the greatness of her music. She is someone that has a thrilling voice, and she has great determination. Those of two things that seem to have worked for her so far, and that appears to be the driving force for her crossover success. Norka Luque is making lot of television appears on Latin television, and this is bound to help her spread her wings in the industry as a Latin force.