Norman Pattiz of Podcast One makes a revelation of the research on their Network’s Brand

The CEO of Podcast one together with the VP of Edison Research Strategy revealed the results and outcome of research that has been going on progressively for a couple of months now. These results show inclusive advertising studies on five national customer brands used for the tests. The five brands cut across the service and product industry. The research took place in the last six months of 2016 for both pre and post promotion brand.


The research revealed a couple of things key among them being that 60% of podcast listeners have a particular grocery brand in mind after the ads have been run. This is an increase from the previous 7 percent that was there before from the previous study. Responsiveness to independent products increased by certain percentages from pre-studies to post studies.


For financial product services, the increase went up to 47% while for 37 for car aftermarket goods and finally 24% for the garden and grass product. The post research revealed a positive view on the car markets by a third of the respondents with 22 percent of those interviewed expressing how they were almost convinced on the use of garden and lawn product, which is an increase from the previous 16% status. Particular cars received an improvement of 60% for each brand after the advertisement.


There are three main types of research carried out by Edison research for Podcast One for observation of efficiency of podcast marketing promotion for five national brands. The brands were mixed up with some launching new brands striving to increase their awareness to the public while others well-known brands. For both instances, the surveys were done before advertising on the podcast and after the podcasts were used for a period of 4 to 6 weeks promotions. Similar techniques were used for both known and new brands with the results indicating that podcasts listeners were a bit receptive to the idea of considering the brands after the messages. The conclusion was that podcast is a great way to create brand awareness.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a well-known entrepreneur behind the Podcast One networks which is very instrumental in brand awareness through advertisements. Norman also founded Westwood One which is a leader in America radio is on top for reporting on entertainment, sports, news and traffic programming among others ( Pattiz is a regent of California University and is also a council member of Pacific Council.