Paul Mampilly Discovers Investment of a Lifetime!

Paul Mampilly is the true representation of the American dream. Moving from India to America at a young age, he started his rise to success by getting his MBA at Fordham University. In 1991 he used his gained knowledge to get a job on Wall Street as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank, he eventually rose up to major positions at Bankers Trust and ING, managing multi million dollar accounts. He became a hedge fund manager raising $6 billion to $25 billion, he also won an award from Templeton Foundation investment competition for raising $50 million to $88 million. He eventually left Wall Street, the reason being that he was tired of making money for the top one percent of Americans, he believed that his financial knowledge and experience could be put to better use helping the everyday American. Paul Mampilly retired at the young age of forty two, and uses his spare time to help average Americans with their investments. Paul has now stumbled onto an investment, that he believes has the possibility to make people rich.

Paul Mampilly believes that the “internet of things” is going to be the next big investment in the tech world. He believes it will be the greatest invention in history, even bigger than the computer. Predicting by 2020 that 50 billion devices will being using this technology. He is unfortunately vague about the actual specifics of this device, but the general gist of the “internet of things” is that it will connect all devices to the internet, and they will be able to communicate with each other. Even though Paul’s track record shows that he has been correct about a lot of investment opportunities, there is still a lot of room for volatility and error. Society, the internet, and the market has become a lot more complex over the years and many variables could come into play, which could halt the investment. Paul’s financial instinct still believes that thousands of dollars invested into this project could turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company behind this supposed tech revolution is STMicroelectronics. Unfortunately STMicroelectronics has not been performing well when it comes to revenue, so more information is need about this product to make it a sound investment. STM is a relatively small company and bigger companies in the same market are also trying to create the internet of things. Realistically they would be a better investment.

Paul Mampilly is a financial expert and might see something in STMicroelectronics that most people do not see, but to jump on the “internet of things” investment train, more information is needed.

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