Public Relations Firm President Wins the 2016 PR Award

The PR awards are held annually to honor change makers and innovators in various fields. The awards cut through various categories such as corporate communications, public relations, business development practitioners, investor relations, and communications. Majority of common industries in the world are featured in the awards.

This year’s event took place during the 2016 SVUS red carpet awards ceremony that was held in San Francisco in Northern California. Mr. Fisher earned the prestigious PR award through his work and innovations in the PR industry.

Darius Fisher is a co-founder of Status Labs and is the current president of the firm. Status Labs operates from Austin, New York and has a branch in Sao Paulo. Through the years, the company has sold its services to more than 1500 clients and has expanded its operations to over 35 countries.

Darius Fisher attended University of Vanderbilt, where he graduated with a degree in economics. After graduation, he started out as a litigation support executive in 2007. After one year at the company, he became a consultant on political affairs at Storefront Political Media.

In 2009, Fisher joined Agora Publishers as a senior copywriter. His reign at Agora ended in 2012 when he finally decided to pursue his entrepreneurial goals culminating in the formation of Status labs.

It is through Mr. Fisher’s efforts and innovations that the company has achieved its success. It has grown its revenue by over 939% from 2012 levels. Fisher created and introduced new digital services and steered the firm towards retaining a world-class client list. It is through such efforts, that Fisher was able to earn recognition from the prestigious award.

Fisher’s innovative plans include maintaining important customer relationships and creating a sales management team that has the highest skills in the market. He believes that through such innovations, Status Labs can remain a dominant force in public relations industry.

The company is seen by many as a market leader because of its role in introducing innovations to the PR industry. Fisher views the company as the ultimate online reputation management firm due to its ability to repair its client’s reputation be they based on social media or Google search.

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