Reminiscing Cassio Audi’s Musical Journey

Cassio Audi is multi talented and has worked for various companies over the last twenty-three years. Before joining the university in 1989, Cassio was part of the Brazilian rock band Viper. The other band members were Yves Passarel, Andre Machado, Felipe Machado and Pit Passarell.

British metal/rock bands inspired the band. Cassio Audi was the group’s drummer from 1985 to 1989. He toured with the band as they performed their demo album the Killer Sword. The demo had songs such as Princess from Hell and Nightmares that are part of their inaugural album, Soldiers of Sunrise, released in 1987.

The album performed relatively well despite the band’s choice to use English which is a second language in Brazil. Most fans appreciated the group’s efforts and noted that they need to improve their skills. Allmusic rated the album four star and several singles from the album topped the charts in South America. To date, the album has several covers.

Cassio Audi also assumed other roles such as song writing, composing and producing beats. He co-wrote some of the songs in the first album. In 1989, the Viper band launched Theater of Fate, the second album. The album deviated from the predominantly hard rock beats, instead, including a classical feel. Cassio successfully integrated the beats to align with the vocalist’s tone. Click here to know more.

Most of the band members appreciated his gift in the production of beats. He actively marketed the band’s work to various stakeholders in the industry. He built great relationships and consistently pitched new ideas for Viper. The band enjoyed a lot of airplay in the mid-1980’s and the early 1990’s.

Cassio’s main strength was his creative and innovative nature that he expressed through writing and instrumentals. In 1989, he left the band to pursue his undergraduate studies at Pontifical University and later an MBA from University of Sao Paulo.