Ricardo TostoGives his views regarding the latest technical Exchanges between Brazilian and Foreign Lawyers

In his view, Ricardo Tosto says that the engagement between Brazilian and Foreign Lawyers is a positive one. He points out that the engagement is going to help Brazil as a society to be able to return its resources and assets tucked away in foreign countries. Ricardo Tosto is a founding partner of LeiteTosto and Barros. The discussion surrounds what has come to be dubbed the Repatriation of Assets Project. It is captured under Brazilian law number 13254 of 2016. It looks like Ricardo is not the only one who thinks that way. Nil Vicente Gama and Partner Nelson WillianAdvogados also think that the project is what the country needs and that the law also enables Brazilian lawyers to interact with foreign lawyers at a technical level.

The Value of the Repatriation of Resources Law

Apart from the direct benefits of returning Brazilian resources to brail to help it grow economically, the repatriation of resources law also allows Brazilian lawyers to exchange technical expertise. It is a benefit that isn’t directly seen but is a sure gain in the process of getting justice for the taxpayer. Further, According to Gama, an associate at LeiteTosto and Barros, the partnership is useful because it makes the process of documentation easier. Procedures can be dealt with faster because of the cooperation. Information is always handy in such a scenario. The Asset repatriation is a brainchild of a long process of pulling and pushing between the legal fraternity and the civil society on one side and the government authorities. It had to be approved by Congress.

The Repatriation of Resources

Ricardo Tosto; Career and Educational background

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer. He was trained at Presbyterian University School of Law. Ricardo has become a household name because of his activities to defend the groups in class action suits. He was featured in the Latin Lawyer edition of 2013. He is a partner and CEO of LeiteTosto and Barros legal firm that has handled high profile legal suits with high stakes. Ricardo’s firm, LeiteTosto and Barros was the first ever firm to offer class action legal service in Brazil. It is because of the initiatives of such firms that Brazil has come to be known for its love for such legal pursuits.

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