Rocketship Education Seeks To Gain Respect For Its Families

A recently published open letter from the parents of the Tennessee campus of Rocketship Education to the public, media, and education officials stated their case about why they choose a charter school for their children’s education. The letter stated the main aim of all the parents involved in Rocketship Education is simply to assist students in finding the best possible start to their educational career with the aid of the skilled educators at the school; local education officials who have been questioning the growing trend for charter schools and seek to explore the reasons behind the charter school movement.

Rocketship Education was established in 2006 by two former public school educators who had become unhappy with the small chances of success afforded to students from low-income families in their home city of San Jose. CEO Preston Smith revealed the history of Rocketship Education has its roots in the low level of success many students in San Jose were achieving despite this once being seen as the city where immigrants from Latin American countries would begin their journey to achieving the “American Dream”.

The first school opened in a Church hall in San Jose and quickly became a success leading to the expansion of the Rocketship Education charter school system into other areas of California before growing further afield into Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. One of the main aims of the charter school is to provide parents and guardians with an easy way of exploring the benefits of charter schools at the earliest age in the U.S. education system. Rocketship Education hopes to achieve a great deal in the coming years and believes providing the best possible elementary school experience will serve both parents and students well for the future.

In California, parents who are seeing their children move out of elementary education are faced with the problem of either starting their own charter school or returning to the failing public school system. Officials at Rocketship Education have already begun to achieve their goals with the arrival of many parents as advocates for increasing the number of charter schools across the nation to better serve students from all backgrounds.