Ross Abelow, Animal Advocate

Well known New York City attorney Ross Abelow unveiled his Go Fund Me campaign to help support the homeless and neglected animals in New York City. Ross Abelow is an animal advocate and is trying to do his part to help these needy animals.These funds would also provide food and other medical necessities. Every winter animals are left to fend for themselves in the sub-freezing temperatures. This fundraising campaign is an effort to give these homeless animals food Medical treatment and a warm place to sleep. Ross Abelow is a partner in Abelow & Cassandro LLP. This animal advocate practices a wide spectrum of legal claims.

He is a family law attorney but also works with entertainment law and commercial litigation. His man years of experience have created a high profile for his practice. Ross Abelow also will give free consultations to analyze your case. If he feels that you have a good case, he will be more than happy to offer his services. Mr. Abelow also is very active on the internet and writes quite frequently. He has his blog and contributes to other legal blogs as well. He is also found on social media such as Facebook and Mashable. Having contact information and Being easily accessible on the internet has helped grow and maintain his career reputation. He can easily be reached by doing an internet search. See the satisfied customer reviews that are readily available for prospective customers. Ross Abelow has extensive experience in most types of litigation and has an outstanding track record.

This campaign is relying on animal lovers to pitch in and help With providing for these vulnerable animals. Owners will abandon their animals because of a lack of money or a lack of space. Ross Abelow is hoping that there are enough contributions to reach his goal of $5,000. These funds would be used to help animals that need it desperately.Winter is a very difficult time for animals living on the streets. With no food and no way of keeping warm sometimes these pets succumb to starvation or freeze. This campaign is one of many ways Ross Abelow contributes to the welfare of the neglected animals in New York City.