Ryan Seacrest continues his career after reality tv stardom

Ryan Seacrest participated in many television and radio projects before landing a job as a host of American Idol. While American Idol finally came to a well-deserved end after a long run, Seacrest continued his projects. He currently finds himself co-hosting the same show that once starred Regis Philbin and Cathy Lee. The current show is called Ryan and Ripa. Despite his involvement in co-hosting it has not stopped the talented host from working on other projects. The former American Idol star produces such shows as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spin-offs.

While reality television detractors may curse Seacrest for continuing a television genre that should have faded into obscurity by now, he also continues his entrepreneurial projects. Ryan Seacrest serves on the boards of several companies, and he continues to work on other projects. While he is unlikely to appear on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban any time soon, many people have benefited from his work as a venture capitalist.

While working on American Idol, he interviewed the contestants and held the camera when contestants found themselves booted off the show. Even viewer who regularly avoided the contestant show for more promising television offerings occasionally saw him while surfing through the channels. Some former contestant vented into the microphone placed in front of him. Despite this being his primary job to someone who tried to avoid American Idol, he uses his interview talents on his new show. Current Seacrest projects include a streaming network where some of his shows and pod casts are viewed. ABC viewers can catch his new network show weekdays on ABC at 9:00 a.m EST. Keeping up with the Kardashians is still shown on the E! Network. Caitlyn Jenner’s show, despite having promise, did not achieve ratings success and was canceled after two seasons.