Shervin Pishevar on the Future of Economy

Shervin Pishevar Twitter account is always informative. However, his Twitter thread on February this year is probably one of the most discussed twitter discussion in the recent past. As one of the most experienced financial market players, the debate is an enlightenment to many investors. In the twitter thread, Pishevar expounds on different economic subject matters and their effects on investors. Some of the issues he discusses include bonds, talents, monopoly of information, the future of investment, and the world’s financial future.

On the monopoly of information and talent, Shervin Pishevar disagrees with the notion of Silicon Valley dominance in the world of internet. According to him, the era of dominance is over. People should open eyes and see other exceptional creatives around the world. The end of Silicon Valley dominance according to him sets the new era of global innovation. The monopoly is however bad for the USA economy. With the global change, the economy’s future is uncertain especially setups.

Through a list of factors and reasons, Shervin Pishevar points out that the USA economy will experience a financial storm. According to him, the stock market will suffer the most significant drop regarding points in the recent past. This drop will have a sign on the overall economy. Although in the previous times the government has used the bonds to correct this unfavorable economic reality, this will be inefficient.

The most thought private aspect of the twitter thread is the impact of the big companies on setups. With a series of reasons, Shervin Pishevar points out that the big five companies are continuously creating monopolies by buying startups. This buying has a significant impact on the future of the USA economy. According to him, this is unethical, and it is sad to see the USA government has always given this development a blind eye. Pishevar urges that the government can help in stopping the trend.


Besides, Pishevar tweets about bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has been a subject of discussion for the last seven years. According to him, the crash of the coin and the losses are not yet over.