Squaw Valley Mountain Water Quality

According to Sierra Sun, water treatment has been ongoing since the potential health issue found in early November, when Coliform and E. coli frighteningly showed up. Three out of the four wells have shown major improvement, which is great new for local residents! For health safety, the restaurants have remained closed but the skiing has remained open thankfully.



The problem was originally caused by extremely heavy rainfall, leading to inundation. Even though the water system was an upgraded one, overflowing still caused contamination. Routine testing of the water prompted immediate contacting of Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Thanks to immediate treatment, the water is showing improvement.



This area is a very cooperative one. People came together to fix a major health issue and even allowed for activities to continue in the area that posed no harm. Skiing, for example, was still allowed. No one was allowed to drink the mountain water, for obvious reasons, but this did not prevent skiers from continuing to enjoy the snow. A lot of larger cities with corrupt government officials in the past have hidden water quality dangers and refused to address it to the public, but Squaw Valley immediately addressed the issue and had it fixed. This shows the town’s love for its environment, community, and people. The facilities have even been giving free bottled water to their locals and customers for the time being.



Once the issue has been resolved, officials will be immediately informing the public.