Stephen Rotella – President of StoneCastle Partners

Steve Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners, and thus he has the direct accountability of daily management of the organization in addition to setting direction and strategy with the organization’s partners. During his leadership at StoneCastle, his duties have been vital in building the organization’s money management services and products. Under his initiative, StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC. a completely owned subsidiary has turned into an industry pioneer in offering financial management solutions to firms and funding options for regional banks and community.

Steve brings more than 30 years of key and working initiative in financial services and banking to StoneCastle, with profound involvement in large-scale operations management, product innovation, organizational development, marketing and retail & internet banking. For 18 years, Steve was engaged at the JP Morgan Chase where he worked as the Chase Home Finance CEO, the fourth biggest home bank in the nation and also an Executive Committee member.

Stephen Rotellah has been dynamic in group associations all through his vocation with a distinct fascination in serving the underprivileged, boosting home proprietorship and arts. He is also a board member in the Advisory Board of SUNY Stony Brook School of Business and LIFT. Previously, Steve served on boards of other organizations such as Ballet Met, Youthcare, ArtsFund and The Seattle Foundation. At the State University of New York, he studied BA in Economics and MBA in Information Systems/Finance. Currently Steve dweels in New York.

Steve’s business vocation traverses over 30 years with a foundation in operating and strategic financial services leadership that incorporates profound involvement. His work on community focuses on aiding the underprivileged and in expressions of the human experience through art. Steve joined StoneCastle (SC), when it was a bit small though a highly entrepreneurial business. The company had a considerably new idea regarding linking investors. The investors sought for safe means to save their money and at the same time earn a decent return via applying technology to bring together several community banks. With the availability of approximately 7000 banks in the entire country, the idea grew considering the high use of technology. At the time Steve joined StoneCastle Partners, the idea entailed $100mm in resources and today the company has nearly $11 billion.