Susan McGalla Puts Things in Perspective for Women in Marketing

The marketing world is filled with a lot of different executives. Susan McGalla has certainly passed the test as one of the most successful females executives, and she is still proving that she has a lot more to do. Her ability to climb the corporate ladder has made it easy for people to track her success and follow her lead.

The thing that most people would learn from McGalla is that it is important to see the benefits in starting from the ground up. When Susan McGalla started on the lower levels at American Eagle she may not have ever guessed that she would become the president of the company. This would seem like a dream that would never come true with the glass ceiling that women encounter. Susan McGalla has made this a reality though. McGalla worked her way to the top, and this would prove to be a great introduction to a marketing genius.

Susan McGalla would go on to work for Wet Seal in a CEO position as well. Her branding expertise would even give McGalla the ability to start her own marketing company. She proved that she has what it takes to make her way to the top, and now she is working her branding magic with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is revamping the clothing line as the director of strategic planning. Her ability to intrigue people with a clothing line that is new and exciting has made her one to watch.

Susan McGalla has done some excellent work in the clothing industry over the years. She knows what consumers want to buy. That is why she has been able to accelerate from one level of the next. She has some strong ties with apparel on, and her ability to move clothing has made her someone that is well sought after in this industry.

Women in the business world may be struggling to find their place. They need someone that will help motivate them. This is why Susan McGalla has become the center of attention for a lot of women that are in the marketing profession on Steelers. She has become the person that defied the odds. Her ability to transition from a salesperson in a clothing store to a CEO is nothing short of a miracle. She believes in higher education because this is the stepping stone of success. She prepared herself and walked into success with brand building.