Sussex Healthcare: Now Hiring Health Professionals

Sussex Healthcare is a nursing home company based in West Sussex, London, United Kingdom. They offer services for elderly care, palliative care, and short-term in-house care specifically catered to the needs of the patients. At present, the homes are able to accommodate up to 500 patients comfortably, each with their own set of health care workers ready to provide for their needs.

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985. Since then, it grew to have several homes in the following areas: Warnham, Billingshurst, East Grinstead, Horsham, Henfield, Nutley, Purley, and Sharopthorne.

The key persons in charge of overseeing the company are Corrine Wallace, the Head of Operational Care Services, Carol Dilley, the Head of Education Services, and Shiraz Boghani, a partner in the business.

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According to reviews, Sussex Healthcare has been a good experience for both workers and patients. Public records show that a lot of employees who have worked in the nursing homes said that they had a rewarding job that made them see how much their profession was needed. This ranged from workers in the health department, administration and overall maintenance. The mentors were good in training the new workers and allowed them to add their personal touch to caring for the patients, without compromising the quality of their service. It fostered critical thinking, good working relationships, and dedication towards work.

The patients and their families are also equally thankful for Sussex Healthcare and their services. One of the family members stated that their loved one was truly cared for during his stay in the elderly nursing home. Every time they plan to visit, they see that their father was well taken care of, and given not only self-care help but also help in areas where he can improve his body and mind. This involves activities such as exercise, brain games, and other personal development training that can help elderly people maintain their present state.

Sussex Healthcare is presently hiring more employees to accommodate the needs of their patients. Some of the job titles include registered nurses, data analysts, drivers, caregivers and other related professions ready to work with the elderly people and those with special needs.

Anyone who is qualified and interested to apply is welcome to visit their job postings online. If you are a professional looking for a rewarding workplace where you can grow and learn in the field of healthcare, you may want to consider working in Sussex Healthcare.

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