The American Institute of Architects: Promoting Architecture to the Public

The United States was created with the help of professionals and immigrants who are coming into the country to find their luck. During the 1800s, people from Europe are coming into the United States, and most of them are claiming that they finished a profession which they haven’t. Architecture is one of these occupations which are alleged to be practiced by many once they immigrate to the United States, but in reality, they aren’t. The work of the real architects can be distinguished from those who are just claiming to be architects through the fake documents that they brought with them. Because of the rampant use of the profession only to enter the United States, the legitimate architects had enough and decided to create an organization that would protect the image of the profession from those who are just using it for their gains. For more updates, Like the page on facebook.

Thirteen individuals who are practicing architecture decided to meet up in New York City and discussed the problems and issues that are being faced by profession. The group decided to establish the organization, and they will be calling it as the American Institute of Architects. The organization’s constitution and the list of new officers were later ratified that day, and the American Institute of Architects was officially established in the year 1857. The group also decided to move the headquarters from New York City to Washington D.C., to create more ties with the government. The American Institute of Architects started their campaign to monitor all of the architects practicing in the country, and they managed to detect those who are just using the profession for selfish reasons and acted legally against them. News about the newly formed organization quickly spread to other states, and more architects decided to join and become a member. More than 150 years later, the group now has 90,000 members who are practicing their profession independently in the United States.

The American Institute of Architects is known for its excellent leadership, and in 2011, after the officers had to retire, the group decided to choose who would be leading them next. Robert Ivy, one of the group’s board members, is one of the best candidates for the position to lead the organization because of his excellent background. He was unanimously elected to become the organization’s chief executive officer, and he was also chosen to become the executive vice president. Robert Ivy is now tasked to monitor the architects working inside the United States, making sure that they are not involved in any illicit activities or other illegal transactions that could put the profession in danger. He is working hard together with his colleagues to promote the profession to the public and to keep a positive reputation.

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