The Decades of Success of OSI Group in China

President and Chief operations officer of OSI Group. Mr. David McDonald has been a part of the international company for a few decades now, and so he has helped establish one of the most active global businesses in the meat products industry.

Over the past two decades, the company of OSI Group has had a strong presence on the market in China. Many factors weighed in on the success that the company has been experiencing in the China market. According to the President of OSI Group David McDonald, is being local in nature. The global company has been establishing plants and facilities locally to their costumes, many of which are Western. In Chan, OSI Group has been building a vast number of facilities for poultry in order to speed up the production and delivery to their local clients.

In order to succeed, OSI group has had to develop a solid understanding of their client base including their needs, culture, as well as taste preferences. OSI Group has high values, and they have been consistent with the quality of their products as well as with delivering what their clients have been asking for. Understanding you costumers is a crucial aspect of every business as success starts there. Business cultures vary from country to country and so OSI Group has had to adapt and understand the culture of their clients from all around the world.

The company of OSI Group celebrated a presence of 20 years in China back in 2012. The first processing operation was opened in Beijing back in 1992 which is also the year in which OSI Groups started working with McDonald’s. In 2008, Beijing was the home for the Olympic games. OSI Group was resourceful ad supplied more than 110 tons of food products such as pork, chicken, beef, dehydrated onions, and eggs. That was when OSI Group proved itself to be a worthy partner and built up a lifelong relationship of trust with its client base. The company did not receive any complaints which as highly appreciated by the Beijing Olympic Committee and the food chain of McDonald’s.

Since 2008 and onwards, the global OSI Group started gaining even more clients such as the food chains Papa Jones, Burger King, and Subway. The company also began supplying the cult Starbucks, as well as Yum, Saizeriya and many other food chains and cafes. OSI Group is on its way to further expansion.

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