The Economic Expert with Significant Contributions at BMG – Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is one of the most highly regarded entrepreneurs of Brazil. His business acumen and expertise revolve around the economic sector. He is the Executive Vice-President of BMG, a high-profile bank in Brazil. Alaor’s childhood began in Santo Antônio popularly known as the mining town of Brazil.



Marco Alaor’s Significant Role at BMG


Marcio Alaor is an eminent leader of the renowned bank, BMG. BMG is a national leader in allocating payroll deductible loans and loans for personal usage. The BMG banking service is part of the BMG Group that is known to be one of the major sponsors of Brazilian football. 2012 marks a significant year for the major advancement of the BMG bank. This is because it was the year when BMG formed an important partnership with Banco Itaú leading to the emergence of a new $1 billion worth bank. The news of the partnership was exceptional and surprising for the corporate world of Brazil. Alaor had announced the three-day success of the partnership negotiation to have transformed into a bank named Banco Itaú BMG Consignado SA. Being born in the famous mining town of Brazil, Alaor described the deal to be similar to the silent work of a miner who completes his mining task brilliantly without advertising the work. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado SA was developed with the primary focus of providing payroll deductible loans.



The Economic View of Australia by Marcio Alaor


In the December of 2015, an article published by Dino on conveyed Marcio Alaor’s expert economic view on Australia’s exceptionally good condition even within the global crisis. The economic instability since 2008 had resulted in unfavorable conditions for every other country in the world besides Australia. He mentioned that this incredible nation successfully adjusts its inflation rates and normalizes interest rates even during the global economic crisis, turning its conditions completely opposite to the entire world with its growing economic system. Even during the worldly market instabilities and crises, the economy of Australia grew by approximately 2.5% in 2015’s third quarter, attaining the final position of the year as a nation successfully defeating the recession consecutively for the 25th time.



According to Alaor, the main reasons for Australia’s victory in the failing global economic condition are dependent majorly on the export of all-encompassing commodities that are heavily in demand by international markets. Some of these products are agricultural supplies and mineral supplies. Australia focused on controlling the fiscal stimulus during the 2008 crisis. They awarded subsidies to enterprises within the construction sector and excused small businesses from being charged with taxes. The Australian administrators realized that their economy could be boosted with large generations of employment from the construction sector. Thus, Alaor suggested all nations, particularly Brazil to implement similar measures.


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