The Insights of Sweetgreen, a Salad Chain Business

When Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman were undergraduates and wondering want to do after university, they did not know that they would come up with one of the best businesses in America. The three campus friends started a food business after completing their studies. Sweetgreen had its humble begins since it started with one shop in Georgetown way back in 2007. The store received funding from 40 friends and relatives. Currently, the three friends are at 31 nationwide, and they are set to hit the 40 by the end of the year.


Sweetgreen is based in Washington, and it is a healthy farm-to-table salad chain business. The business has already done three rounds of venture capital financing, with a total of $95 million. Jammet is a co-founder and co-CEO, and he was interviewed by Bloomberg Reserve’s Peter Elliot at their office in Washington. During the interview, Jammet said that the parents of the three co-founders are entrepreneurs. Jammet admitted that they were not into employment life. Jammet’s parents were into the food business, unlike Nathaniel’s and Jonathan’s parents though they were still in business. He said that they had a passion for starting a business and their desire to find better food options was their driving force.


Asked if they had a unique concept, Jammet said that they were disciplined, and since they had the idea of salad option business everything else fell into place. Jammet stated that he still looks back at their original business strategy for direction because the plan was of great assistance when they were selling their dream trying to raise money. Peter Elliot asked him what the pitch was back then, and if it has changed. Jammet commented saying that the pitch has not changed, rather, the partners have added to it. They knew that they were selling a set of values from the lettuce leaf like doing things right in the venture, in the manner in which they employ and treat individuals in their stores, in the food they serve, in the farms they work with, and in the community.


About Sweetgreen

It is a chain of fast-casual restaurant in America founded in 2007 by Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The restaurant serves seasonal, healthy and simple food. The food venture was started three months after the three partners graduated from Georgetown University. Sweetgreen has 40 stores in various cities in the United States including Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Apart from selling food, Sweetgreen has significant initiatives in music, technology, lifestyle space, and philanthropy