The Leadership of Matthew Fleeger

The oil industry is a booming business. Few entrepreneurs have impact this space as much as Matthew Fleeger. As a businessman Fleeger has been an influential figure in the oil and gas, waste management, and tanning industries. His success has allowed him to become a member of the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals. The CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger is now focused on moving forward the company once started by his father.

Matthew Fleeger has worked hard to earn the credentials that have allowed him to be in his current position. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. During this time he focused his energy on finance and marketing while also pursing his BA in Business. After college Fleeger used his experience to take on a number of executive positions with companies in the oil and gas industry. He worked for a number of Texas- based companies including his fathers company Gulf Coast Western. Years later founded his own company MedSolutions, Inc. Fleeger was able to lead MedSolutions to becoming into a regional leader in healthcare waste management. The company eventually sold for nearly sixty million dollars, proving Fleeger’s ability to lead a business.

Matthew Fleeger understands who he is and what has made him successful. He recently sat down with Loan Star Chronicle to discuss his philosophy. Fleeger believes his most important quality as a leader is his ability remain positive during adversity. He believes successful leaders must have this trait. He understands that negative morale can enter a group quickly. Fleeger also has an optimistic outlook about the future. He encourages and motivates employees by reminding them of his commitment to the future and the many opportunities that are before them.

Matthew Fleeger has built a very successful company. He is confident that the success will continue for many years to come.