The Manse on Marsh is Tackling Community Care in the Right Way

The Manse on Marsh is receiving its second consecutive “Caring Star” award in 2016 for its San Luis Obispo County located Arroyo Grande Assisted Living campus. The “Caring Star” award is only considered for communities that maintain a 4-star all-time average rating on’s website, no outstanding negative complaints by users, and at least one 5-star review Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015. As the winning community, the Manse on Marsh had 5-star all-time average ratings from users and a total of 5 5-star ratings by users during the consideration period.

The Arroyo Grande Assisted Living campus that won the award have a wide assortment of accommodations for its residents use. The accommodations include spacious flats, private homes, and even cottages for varying levels of independence and privacy. All residencies come with full caretaker support and access to the Manse on Marsh’s 24/7 medical staff support. In addition to these living arrangements, there are restaurant-quality open dining, convenient transportation, social activities, maid and laundry services. All of these services and managed through a state of the art Care Planning System which allows individual services to be assigned to each resident. This approach allows for a highly customizable level of care and a variable expense based on the individual resident instead of a blanket price.

Upon awarding the “Caring Star” to the Manse on Marsh the CEO and co-founder Andy Cohen thanked all their users for posting their feedback and reviews of various communities. He also explained the purpose of the yearly award was to help steer prospective residents to the best and most trustworthy communities. It is quickly becoming a well-documented fact that online reviews and feedback are the first things people consider when selecting businesses and products they are willing to take a chance on. Often times the online reviews are given more weight to a decision than the advice of medical professionals or in-person recommendations to the prospective residents. After accepting the award the Manse on Marsh Executive Director & CEO Logan Sexton thanked all their residents for taking their time to support the community.  Be sure to follow Manse on Twitter, and feel free to contact them online.