The Useful Properties that Roberto Santiago has established

Roberto Santiago is a wealthy businessperson who is based in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. His enterprises are located in the city, and they include Manara Shopping and Madeira Shopping. The two properties are outstanding due to the services that they offer. Mr. Santiago has a desire to provide the best products and service to his clients, and therefore, the two shopping places have top-notch facilities. He started venturing into various businesses when he was a teenager, and he is currently 58 years old. Roberto’s first profitable enterprise was a cartoon company that had specialized in creating decorative items from cardboards. The firm was successful, and it later adopted modern technology in the design and manufacture of its products. The accomplishments of Santiago as a businessman have enabled him to command a lot of respect in the area.

The cartoon enterprise enabled Santiago to accumulate sufficient affluence to invest in other fields. He used the profits that he had gained as capital to start a real estate business. His previous venture had offered him sufficient experience in business, and this enabled him to be successful. Roberto studied at University Center of Joao Pesso, and he graduated with honors in business management. Apart from his businesses he is also involved in sports activities. He has been a champion in kart and motocross and has won several trophies.

The construction of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping commenced in 1987, and the place was ready for use by 1989. The mall is regarded as one of the landmarks in Joao Pessoa. It has a broad range of recreational amenities that can be useful to tourists and residents of the city. The main features that distinguish Manaira Shopping are the comfort and entertainment that it provides to the customers. The location of the property also allows it to offer a magnificent beach and lovely sunset views.

The amenities that have been established by the Manaira Shopping Mall are all modern, and they include a gym, a cinema, an electric amusement park, ballrooms, and a gourmet place. The property’s gourmet place has a steakhouse and a food court that offers different types of meals. Its electric amusement park is huge, and it currently accommodates about 200 machines. The cinema hall is well equipped with 3D screens and about 11 theaters. People who watch movies at the place are offered refreshments such as soft drinks and alcohol. The mall also has a concert hall that can hold about 10,000 people.

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