Todd Levine: An Experienced Attorney Handling Complex Cases

Todd Levine is a Florida-based lawyer, and he is one of the co-founders of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Through the years, he has been involved in litigation cases concerning business disputes and commercial real estate cases. Because of his expertise in dealing with commercial real estate litigation, many brokers, contractors, investors, and property managers consult him on different occasions. He is also settling the issues with the buyers and sellers who wanted to work out the disputes surrounding their contracts and transactions. Todd Levine also accepts cases about sports and entertainment, financial management, and cases related to business. His service as a lawyer landed him the Best Lawyer Award under the Real Estate Litigation category, which was given recently. He is also being recognized regularly because of his feats as an attorney who works on complex cases.



In 1988, he attended the University of Florida taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He continued his studies to become a lawyer in 1991, graduating from the Florida Levin College of Law. Right after he graduated from school, he began forging his career into the legal business and slowly became known for his skills and abilities to defend his clients. Most of his clients are saying that he is focused on how to resolve the cases that he handles, and most of the time, he can find ways on how to settle the matters.



According to Todd Levine, handling complex cases is one of his specialties. He finds it interesting solving cases which are complex, and he stated that being successful inside the courtroom makes it easier for him to gain new clients. He has a busy daily schedule, and time management is important in his profession as an attorney. He is making sure that every hour is spent wisely because he doesn’t know what else would come.