Tony Petrello- His life story in brief

Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of the largest drilling firm in the world. He was appointed to the position of CEO at Nabors Industries in 2011. This is a company that he has been working for, for more than two decades. He first joined the company in 1991. Back then, he was appointed the chief operating officer of the firm. Anthony Petrello has been brilliant all his life. He has helped the company with his brilliance to develop into a global company that provided the best drilling services in the whole world. Nabors Industries is hired by countries from all over the world to help them with the drilling works.

Since he became the CEO of this company, he has been on a mission of expanding the business territory of this firm. He has ensured that the company has the best drilling technology in the world. Anthony Petrello has also endured that Nabors Industries has the best drilling rigs in the history of the drilling industry. His ability to solve problems has been fundamental in enabling this company to reach to higher heights of excellence. He has invested in a human resource team that is skilled and which is dedicated to delivering for the firm.

The life of Anthony Petrello has been full of exciting twists. As a child, he proved to be a mathematics genius following his ability to solve complex mathematics that no one else in the school would manage. This talent would finally land him in the prestigious Yale University. Anthony Petrello was dedicated to his studies and throughout his university life, he always came on top of the class. His ability to master mathematics was unique. He was able to become a leading figure in the university. He was working closely with professor Serge Lang who was teaching mathematics at the institution. Together, they worked on a number of mathematical theories that were unproven. He graduated from the university with a master in mathematics. His career in mathematics, however, did not materialize as he switched to law. He joined the Harvard school of law where he undertook his law studies.

Apart from, his role in business, Tony Petrello has been a key philanthropist in Texas, he has helped the Texas Children Hospital to set up its first neurological research center dedicated to children only. He has been a contributed over $5 million towards this initiative. He promises to add another $2 million in the future.

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