UC Davis Extolls Virtue of Digital Reputation Management

The internet is the newest frontier and likely the last true one that businesses will ever approach. In our age of unlimited data and knowledge, all from our fingertips and pockets, the internet can create and destroy companies and people. That is why reputation management companies like Status Labs, founded by CEO Darius Fisher, have grown so popular. Chancellor Linda Katehi and the rest of the faculty at UC Davis can attest first hand how their school has suffered due to backlash beyond their direct control.


Kent Campbell from Reputation X can tell you directly how the internet has become something of a nightmare or blessing for companies around the globe. His job with Reputation X is to scrape away all of the bad search results that tend to pop up on search engines when companies are Googled. From politicians to businesses looking to ease the burden of a bad customer experience, there is always someone looking to get some help. UC Davis was involved with the infamous ‘pepper spraying police officer’ back in 2011 and its school is still closely associated with the incident.


If you were to go to your favorite search engine and search UC Davis then you’d likely come upon a story relating to the pepper spraying incident. The incident involved a police officer brutally pepper spraying non violent, non confrontational protesters. The video made the news, went viral, and the rest is history. This is where a guy like CEO Darius Fisher and his company Status Labs would step up to the plate. Their job isn’t to hide this information from people but instead to cultivate a positive image around the traits that make UC Davis such an appealing destination.
Darius Fisher has always firmly believed that negative stories will gain more traction than positive stories. This paints certain people and establishments in lights that are unfair to them. Status Labs is comprised of dozens of professionals in the art of digital reputation cultivation. From SEO experts to personal branding professionals, there is going to be help coming from all directions for prospective clients of the company.