Wes Eden’s Company, Brightline, Signs A Deal with Virgin Group USA

Brightline is a private company that was formed in 2018 by Wes Edens. It’s a railway company that is used by passengers. The company works between Miami and West Palm Beach. The company is efficient and provides great hospitality service along with user-friendly customer facilities in the train. In the same breath, Virgin Group is a highly recognized company in the USA, founded by Sir Richard Branson in the 1970s. Over the decades, the company has invested in different sectors including finance, travel and transport.

The partnership between Virgin Group and Brightline is expected to help in developing the rail transport sector for more than 60 years to come. This deal comes as a great bargain to Brightline having been founded just this year. Since Brightline has been licensed to Virgin, they will be able to use the popular brand to market their name across the whole country. Read the article of Wes Edens at wingsjournal.com

Wes Edens established a transport route for Brightline that is within Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and he has also expressed interest in expanding to Orlando and Tampa as well. Wes believes that the private transport sector has tried to re-create the railroad transport sector in the US and they are moving one step further by partnering with Virgin Group. Wes Edens also thinks that Virgin Group has been able to create and maintain a very serious and responsible brand in the travel sector and this helps them combine their customer service at Brightline with innovation to move the sector forward.

According to Richard Branson, Brightline is a company that is at the head of the innovation and his partnership with Wes Edens is the best thing for the 2018 year because they will be able to pull combined efforts to change the mindset of travel within the US. This agreement with Virgin is another means of approving the challenges that Wes Edens and his team faced when they began to stand out and try to improve travel within the country.

One more benefit that Wes has gained for Brightline is a minority investment from an affiliate partner company of Virgin.

Check out: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/01/12/brightline-private-rail-opening-to-the-public.html