Wes Edens’ Contributions at Fortress

¬†Wes Edens’ Contributions at Fortress

Wes Edens is a successful American entrepreneur who is among the founders of Fortress Investment Company which is currently the biggest investment management in the United States. He collaborated with a group of entrepreneurs in 1998 to start Fortress which started by managing real estate’s properties and providing security for debts among other properties. The company has since expanded to other parts of the world and it manages assets worth over 40 billion dollars as per this year’s reports. While working at Fortress Investment Company, Wes Edens have been able to accomplish a lot for the company including developing and owning transportation projects and infrastructure project all over the world. He has also been able to lead the company in building the leading businesses in the industry related to real estate, healthcare, financial services, media, and entertainment.

Among the projects that Wes has spearheaded for the Fortress include the New Fortress Energy that he helped in starting in the year 2014. The New Fortress Energy was started in order to assist in speeding the transition to clean and renewable energy in the entire world. The project started by establishing its first liquefied natural gas plant in Miami. From there Wes Edens have ensured that the New Fortress Energy spread to all parts of the world. He has also assisted the company in expanding its market to the global level by spearheading global marketing activities which have led to successful partnerships.

Wes Edens’ latest project is with the Brightline train which is the first privately owned passenger train in Florida. The Brightline train shall operate between two destinations in Florida that are supposed to take around 45 mins to travel. This project has come as a savior to the people around because the distance was so far for a drive and too near to take a flight. Using the experience he has earned after working for Fortress Investment Company’s transport sector for a long time, Wes Edens is committed to making sure that the Brightline projects are successful. Apart from working for Fortress, Wes Edens has also invested in the sports sector.

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