Wessex Institute Offers Knowledge Transfer Conferences in 2017

From April through September of 2017, the Wessex Institute of Technology provides the opportunity for professionals of industry and those in academia to attend international conferences for knowledge transfer. The International Conference Programme began in 2008 offering topics on physical sciences and engineering. The growing popularity and excellent reputation of the conferences have expanded the topics to cover more areas of interest such as ecology and finance.

April’s three Wessex Institute of Technology conferences, Coastal Cities, Air Pollution, and Ecosud (Ecosystems and Sustainable Development), take place in Cadiz, Spain. Over 20 areas of interest are on the agenda. Papers previewed at the conferences can be purchased in both hard book and electronic format (www.witpress.com) before the conference supplied by the publishing department of the Institute. Over 15 more conferences are available worldwide and include such titles as Disaster Management, Timber Structures, Urban Transport, Safe, Materials Characterisation, and Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures.

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