Whitney Wolfe Creates App for Every Possible Social Media Need

At one time the innovative Whitney Wolfe live outside of the United States. She was born in Utah, but she has traveled abroad, and she has spent some time in Paris. Her time outside of the United States gave her the awareness to make an dating app that would appeal to people on a global level. This is what she is doing with Bumble dating. She has made sure that she has stayed in touch with a crowd beyond American soil by creating a Bumble office outside of the United States.


Wolfe also realized that most people that goes to high school will not keep up with those friends as much as they would like to. As a college grad of Southern Methodist University she knows that people that go to college will not always stay in the same area that their college buddies settle down in. This makes Bumble BFF a lifesaver for people that are moving to new cities to start all over again. They have an opportunity of making friends through her app. Whitney Wolfe has been praised by Forbes and other magazines for her intuitiveness. She is in tune with what the millennial generation wants.

Wolfe took time to do the research prior to building an application interface for Bumble BFF. It shows that she is perfect for the millennial generation. Older app developers that are engaged in the world of social media would not have this type of insight because they are older. As someone that is under the age of 30 it is much easier for Whitney Wolfe to connect with the needs of those that are in her own age group.

Some of this awareness may come from conversations during her time at Southern Methodist University. There are other areas where her creative spirit may be a part of her time as the co-founder of Tinder. She is under the age of 30 but she still has so much experience because she has found herself in so many different circles.

All of this is showing that Wolfe is succeeding because she dared to think differently. Even people that are looking at what she has done in concerns to the location of her headquarters is a different move. Whitney Wolfe decided to set up shop in Austin. This is not where multi-million-dollar dating apps are typically found. Whitney Wolfe did not care. She made her own rules.

Whitney Wolfe’s Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en