Whitney Wolfe Herd Believes in Safety First

When it comes to building apps Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone that believes that women should consider safety first. This is something that many new dating app or networking app users do not initially consider. When they are new to the dating app world they are simply trying to get to know someone. They may not have any real knowledge of the harassment that can happen when they are looking at the potential of a dating or network app. Whitney Wolfe Herd, however, knows all about harassment that happens to women that are utilizing these apps, and she wanted to create Bumble to start a movement where she would engage people in a feminist dating app.

With Bumble Whitney is concerned heavily about the safety of women. She has always had a desire to make sure that people were safe when they were utilizing apps even before her rise to fame with Bumble. At one time she wanted to create an anti-bullying app so she has always had a heart for making sure that people were safe while they were online.

With the Bumble dating app women are the ones that make the first move, and this cuts down on a lot of the harassment. She also has created the Bumble app where people must have a Facebook account where they have at least 75 friends. This cuts down on harassment and spam from accounts that are not legit.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to create this same type of environment when it came to networking. She wanted people to be able to see exactly how they could build true network contacts without being harassed. This is definitely something that women can appreciate when they consider Bumble Bizz.

All of these different concepts that Whitney Wolfe is bringing to social media is making the dating and networking app world different. Whitney Wolfe Herd is making it much easier for women to utilize social media apps without the fear of getting harassed every time that they go on an app. This is the reason that she has become so popular so quickly.