Why Madison Street Capital Calls Cuba the Golden Egg

Now that Cuba is entirely legal, advisers at investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital say we should stoke that fire while its hot. Since President Obama untied the 8-year knot on trade and relations with the island, the options for investments have become massive. “It’s like cracking open a sealed vault, and finding a golden opportunity” one adviser at Madison Street Capital said.

The Goose and Cuba’s Golden Egg

Foreign entrepreneurs can now take advantage of a market composed of 11 million people. In addition, the expulsion of Cuba from the list of countries supporting terrorism means that US banks and their payments can now operate on the island.

Last November, Cuban officials released a list of investment projects in Cuba worth $8.7 billion. However, the initial document contains a number of projects, particularly in Mariel, in mining and oil production, for which the investment needs are still unclear. “The Cuban government is seeking economic growth, and foreign investments can significantly boost their GDP, bringing $2 billion a year,” says Madison Street Capital experts. There are numerous projects available to replace imports. Cuban government officials want new factories for candy, shoes, tires, recycling and various drugs. Furthermore, the deepwater port of Mariel, located about fifty kilometers from Havana, is a high-tech zone that officials want to develop. The range of projects is very broad.

The strongest investment right now comes from Venezuela, Canada and Spain. Spanish hotel chains like the Meliá Group have a predominant Cuban lead in tourism. From Germany, Messer Group has three joint ventures: industrial gases and steel production, the food industry and the health sector. The more active are Canadian investors, led by the company Sherritt in oil and gas production. Sherritt supplies the city of Havana with gas and is perhaps the biggest investor on the island.

Leading investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital consistently exceeds expectations. Founded in 2005, the company has upwards of 200 employees, with global offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Former and current company heads boasts impressive records dealing in emerging market mergers and acquisitions, not to mention aggressive pursuit for innovation. Advisers at the company are highly trained, motivated, and customer-oriented, giving the company a formidable competitive edge.

Just recently, CEO Anthony Marsala, received the M&A Emerging Leaders Award, recognizing the dedication and exceptional team leadership he bestows. From 125 nominees, Marsala is touted as a guru of sorts in the industry. The recognition confirms that Madison Street Capital is lead by the cream of crop.